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Clash Detection

A lot of companies are getting “BIM washed” by software vendors and resellers. BIM is portrayed as something that will solve all their problems. The truth is that a 3D model does not solve design issues but rather exposes them.

In an ideal world clashes would be prevented from occurring all together. We have found that there is a list, a chain of steps in the modelling process that reduces the number of coordination issues dramatically. Establishing roles is the first step, while automatic Clash Detection is at the bottom of the list. In our view, it is to be used for sanity check or as a last resort only.

When it comes to an automatic Clash Detection, there are two key processes that have a great effect on the efficiency. First is having a robust set of "rules and tests" for the software to be used for its analysis. Second is a skill of aggregating, combining and presenting clashes for the team to review and take action. Think of using a command line in MS-DOS vs Graphical User Interface. Both are usable, but one is much more user friendly and can be used by many.

" Expose areas in the project that need attention earlier rather than later. "


Building Services Coordination

"Design looks fine on paper, but you keep getting calls from a frustrated builder? We can help you avoid that."

Building Services Coordination

3D model coordination has always been the biggest BIM Use in construction industry.¹ This is even more true for the coordination of Building Services. 

Coordination starts as early as a concept design. It gets more intense as design develops and gets into detailed phase. This is when a BIM Coordinator and an experienced Modeller make all the difference. 

3D modelling is a steep change for lots of draftsmen. One of the obvious reasons is an extra 3rd dimension that comes into play. A Heating Coil mounted in ductwork in vertical is no longer just a text note "HEATING COIL CH1 IN VERTICAL", it's an actual peace of kit that needs to be modelled. Add couple of pipework connections to this. And don't forget about clear access for future equipment maintenance.

This is just a small part of a mechanical system within a building. Considering all other systems and services that need to go into the same space, things can get complex very easily.

Contact us if you get to a point when your project requires Coordination services and we will take care of it.


¹ BIM in NZ: an Industry-Wide View 2015 (




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