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​Translating engineering concepts into Building Information Models

2D Drafting

2D drafting has been around for centuries. We bring you this service with all the good old traditions and add couple of ours.

It may sound controversial, but we strongly believe that it is better to be consistently wrong, rather than randomly right. That is why any additions are matched in style to existing documentation as much as possible.

Another motto that we adhere to is as follows. If a set of documents is eye-catching and executed in a professional and consistent manner, engineering is much more likely to be perceived as correct. On the other hand, if documentation looks poor and mistakes are found, design quality will be challenged, even if done flawlessly.” To avoid the latter, we always strive to perfection and pay extra attention to details.

Get a free quote by sending us a message with a snapshot, short text description or both. 

" Your drawings are done by a design draftsman, not by a simple tracer. "


3D Modelling

" Anything flat has a 3D version. Even a dot has 3 coordinates in space. "


Are you trying to:

- Set a stage for 3D coordination by converting a set of old 2D PDFs into a 3D model?
- Get modelling done for you based on concepts or detailed sketches?
- Make sure your model is coordinated?

3D modelling offers some obvious benefits, such as better visualisation and design coordination. Besides, a 3D model can be easily “sliced” at any point to get a custom floor plan or a section view.

Let us know what your needs are and we will give you advice on the most efficient way of achieving those.

We are best at Building Services disciplines and are great at facilitating the rest.


Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM is a process of converting a Laser Scan into a 3D model.

Model and Points Blend

- Planning a refurbishment project and needing an as-built model of the existing space?
- Not a fan of making multiple site visits and taking measurements with a tape measure?

These are the exact problems that we can help you get rid off with Scan to BIM.

As with virtually anything in construction industry, planning ahead can save loads of time and money later on. Feel free to have a chat to us early in the project - before pipes are insulated and ceiling tiles are fixed in place.

We partner with the top professional surveyors in the industry for laser scanning. Get in touch and find out how Scan to BIM can help your project today.

" Get an accurate digital copy of a built environment. "


Documentation for 3D Model

" Ever received a "for information only" model with no drawings in it? We can bring those back for you. "


Currently, construction industry operates with traditional 2D drawings being a contractual set of documents. In cases when a 3D model is a part of the deliverable also, it would typically be delivered as a purged entity, with all views and other information deleted, and a lengthy “for information only” disclaimer.

We have experience and expertise to produce a set of drawings for HVAC, Plumbing and Drainage, Electrical and other disciplines, based on a purged 3D model. 

This is when robust and established Standards, Methods and Procedures are especially of an essence for any company. Find out more on the Management services page.



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