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​Managing the process of creating a digital representation of an asset

BIM Execution Plan

" Feel like "there is lots of useless stuff in the generic Plans that you don't even need"? We develop BIM Execution Plans tailored to your specific project and company needs. "


The service is aimed at those who require guidance and assistance in their BIM journey.

BIM is not just a piece of software or a 3D model. It is a process of sharing of structured information. An important aspect of this is being aware of the information needs of others as you undertake your part of the process. 

When a project with a coordinated BIM approach comes up, you would typically face a requirement to provide the following:

- A pre-contract BIM Execution Plan that describes your approach to the BIM part of the project; and/or
- An input into the master (post-contract) BIM Execution Plan, a document that defines how the project will be executed by all stakeholders with regard to BIM.

We can help you develop BIM Execution Plan tailored to your specific project and company needs. Contact us to get an understanding of what is required for BEP and to be able to not to promise on what is not required.



BIM Coordinator

" Manage and orchestrate development of the Building Information Model. "


Over the past years it's been noted that very often a BIM Execution Pan for a project gets developed, agreed upon and then put on a shelve and simply forgotten about. 

Another trend in the industry states that "3D modelling takes longer". And this has proved to be true in many instances. The main reason for this to happen is due to a poor model management and a lack of standard procedures in place.

This is when a project BIM Coordinator comes into play. Two key roles of a BIM Coordinator are:

- To ensure that their model complies with the project BIM Execution Plan;
- To develop 3D model and documentation for a project in the most efficient manner.

Some of the activities in our approach as a BIM Coordinator relate to establishing the following:

- Roles and responsibilities that relate to the modelling process;
- Modelling sequence;
- Coordination priority;
- Clash detection and resolution protocols.

We would work closely with your team to go through and get to the point when 3D modelling does not blow your budget and brings much more benefits than traditional 2D drafting.



Standards, Methods and Procedures

As with anything in our life, for the things that we do more than twice, it makes sense to establish some standard routines and procedures. Take cooking as an example.  There are recipe books, knives for chopping carrots and knives for cutting bread ect., all of which enable almost anyone without prior experience to cook a soup.

An example from 3D modelling environment - a standard project template. A well-thought through template not only saves time for each new project, but also ensures consistency. 

Get in touch to have a chat and see how your company may benefit from establishing Standards, Methods and Procedures.

 " Establish those once and save on every new project setup and execution. "



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